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Create a Support Email Address

SherpaDesk leverages email to support a lot of activity within the system.  One of the main features is the ability to create new tickets via email.  Organizations will be able to create a support email (i.e. using your domain to create new tickets in your system.

Email forwarding is found under the the Configuration > Email section you will see a section labeled Email Parser DropBox

You will have the ability to create multiple email drop boxes.  Each drop box will come with a specially encoded email address (ex.  This is a unique email that is live and can be used to create a new ticket in your system.  You will need to create a forward on your mail system from your domain email address to the SherpaDesk address.  

Each email drop box you create is able to be tagged with individual properties.

NOTE: If you are using Gmail to manage your accounts the Gmail verification process will create a ticket in your system which will contain the verification code.  You will need to check your tickets and enter this code into your Gmail account to complete the mail forward process.

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  1. Diliadys
    10 August, 2015

    How can I track my kd

  2. Patrick
    11 March, 2014

    Hey Nathan-

    Can you send us a support email as we weren't able to capture your email address or contact information to follow back up. We can definitely hep you get the email forwarding set up in your system and this is part of the free service. You can send us an email to support [at]

  3. Nathan Carnahan
    06 March, 2014

    This is not working correctly for me. Unless it is a paid service or I am missing something, the tickets are not being created.

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