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Accessing the Mobile App Tote

SherpaDesk Tote is the mobile application that allows you to access your support tickets when you are on the go. With Tote you will be able to check your open tickets and update them using your smart phone's mobile browser.

We launched the first mobile application as a complete HTML5 solutions allowing us to easily support all smart phone devices at once. We will look to implement native devices in some of the upcoming releases.

Here is a quick peek at Tote

Accessing the application

Go to and then bookmark this link on your phone for easier future access.

Ticket Worklists

Once you are logged into the app you will be able to search your organization's tickets. You will have access to go into any of the queues to pick up and respond to the requests. From the ticket list view you will also easily be able to add a response or record time on each ticket.

Ticket Details

The ticket details shows you more information regarding the ticket's properties as well the threaded discussion between the technician and the user. Any attached images to the ticket will be displayed in each post for easy viewing. The ticket action items are found by clicking on the menu icon located in the top right corner

Adding Time

You are able to log time on either the ticket worklist or from the ticket details view by accessing the menu icon.

Let us know what you think about the mobile app by sending us an email to

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