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Remote Desktop Features

SherpaDesk Remote Desktop feature has been upgraded to support a variety of engagement functionality allowing you to interact with your users and your technicians.  Below is an outline showcasing the different features you are able to use to chat, web conference and better support your customers and employees.

Remote Desktop

When we first launched SherpaDesk we had Remote Assistance built into each ticket allowing the technician to establish a session with the end user assign to the ticket.  Remote Assistance is now available outside an individual ticket and can be created for any user.


Now you are able to start the Remote Assistance from the technician home screen.  You can simply enter in the user's email address and select 'Start Session'.  This will automatically start the technician side client and send an email to the user to start the customer side client.  In the event the customer isn't able to receive the email you are able to send them the available link and provide them with the 8 digit code from the technician side client.


To learn more about how to use the Remote Assistance tool please check out this video.

Group Sessions

SherpaDesk now provides Group Sessions.  This feature allows you to meet online with co-workers, partners, potential and existing clients to discuss business, make an interactive presentation, train your remote teams, host webinars, hold workshops, or simply work together online in a shared work space.


First need to create a topic for your Group Session.  Once you created the topic you are able to start the session.  Click 'Start Group Session'.  The presentation client will automatically start to load and make you the host.  You will then need to send the participants the Group Session link to join the meeting.


Customer Chat

SherpaDesk has integrated live chat into your customer portal.  The live chat button, which appears on your portal, allows instant real-time communication between your  visitors and your sales and support staff.


To get your sales and support staff set up to receive notifications when a customer initiates a chat they will need to perform a 1 time install.  They will first need to download the chat client from the technician home screen.  Once it's installed they will need to enter the provided User Name and Password to get authorized for your instance.


Once technicians have installed the Customer Chat tool they will be available to receive chats when a customer initiates one from the Live Chat button on the portal.  


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