NinjaRMM Integration (v2)

A detailed integration of NinjaRMM

  1. Patrick Clements
    07 January, 2021

    The following article details the current integration with NinjaRMM (v2)

    1. When an initial alert from a customer is sent via NinjaRMM we will capture this alert and create a Ninja Customer account. We will attempt to try and name match this with SherpaDesk Account


    1. In the event we are unable to name match this Ninja Customer with a SherpaDesk account you are able to do a 1-time manual match with the Account


    1. Once you have created a match then these Alerts will now be assigned to the Account


    1. This is similar to how we also assign alerts to SherpaDesk Assets. We will attempt to locate a Unique ID (Serial Number, Mac Address, etc) and assign it to a matching Unique ID in Sherpadesk.


    1. In the event we are unable to find a match then you are able to manually assign this device to a SherpaDesk asset


    1. The alerts will then be associated with this asset in SherpaDesk