Xero: Importing invoices into Xero

I talked with Xero and they said it was because when Sherpadesk sends the invoice over, there is a blank entry after my description. Because of this, I need to go into every invoice one by one and approve it. There should be a way to take that blank box off. I just don't know what it is.

Both of these pictures are from Xero

  1. Igor Vladyka
    03 February, 2023

    I have fixed this issue on the Beta server. You will see these changes on the Production server after next Production server update...

  2. Igor Vladyka
    12 January, 2023

    I have generated this issue. This is issue with Due Date - this is not issue with ampty lines. Xero have two versions of Invoice feature: old and new. In old version all works well - Xero set Due Date automaticaly based on Customer and Organization settings. In New version Xero left Due Date Empty (please look at the 24508_4.jpg attached to this Response) - therefore we cannot approve Invoices on Invoices page. When you edit Invoice with empty Due Date, then it set Due Date = Invoice Date ((please look at the 24508_5.jpg attached to this Response) ) - therefore you don't have error on Edit Invoice page. As for me, then this is Xero API bug, but, for sure, I will fix this issue. I will work on this ticket after completing work on my current ticket...

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