How do I merge tickets?

merge tickets

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    Patrick Clements
    06 March, 2018

    Hey Chris - Yes, we do have merge on our roadmap as well. We are evaluating how these issues should be counted towards reporting, time tracking, projects, etc.

    We hope to get something working out here in the future for feedback.

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    Chris Porosky
    06 March, 2018

    We see where we can 'relate' tickets - but merge tickets would also be very useful, for example, if several users submit tickets for the same issue, etc.

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    Patirck Clements
    18 July, 2013

    Hello Lee,

    We received your question, but may need some more information. If you are looking to ‘merge’ tickets we do not have this functionality yet in the system. Let me know if this answers your question or you need further assistance.