Using Skype Integration

SherpaDesk now integrates with Skype to allow technicians to have chats on selected tickets, update conversations, review log histories and add time while staying within Skype. Technicians will even be able to create new tickets from a Skype conversation in real time.

Download Skype here:

Install the Sherpa Bot

If you have Skype installed you first want to install the Sherpa Bot.

Skype bot.jpg

You will find the Sherpa Bot located in the bot store of Skype. Search for Sherpa and then install this bot. You will then be able to call this bot to help you retrieve and update tickets, add time, review logs, etc. from your Skype client.

Initiate Skype

Inside each ticket's detail you and are able to initiate a Skype chat with the users assigned to the ticket. If you want to discuss the ticket with someone that is not currently assigned to the ticket then you can add them later to the chat.


(You can activate Skype integration by going to Configuration > Integrations and turning Skype ON)

Once you have Skype turned ON you will see a new Chat icon on each ticket. This will help you launch a Skype channel for each ticket.

SherpaDesk's Skype invite screen will launch. You will have the option to run the chat either by using your local Skype client that is installed on your computer or use the Web Chat version

Copy99f286c5a239.pngNOTE: Skype Web Chat is fairly new and they are still working out some issues. We suggest that you install Skype locally to your machine for best results.

By default, all the users who are associated with the ticket will be automatically selected to be included in the conversation. You also have the ability to search and add additional users to the conversation.

SherpaDesk Chat Bot

Once the chat has been initiated the SherpaDesk Chat Bot (@sdbot) will be available for commands. The Sherpa bot will assist technicians by pulling and adding information to tickets within SherpaDesk.

To get a complete list of Sherpa bot functions technicians are able to enter in @sdbot help

It's important to include @sdbot before each command as this tells the Sherpa bot to perform the function.

Once you have completed your chat, you are able to post your conversation log to the ticket using the Sherpa bot command @sdbot postall


Review Chat History

Once a chat is completed then SherpaDeks will inject the Skype URL into the Notes section. The technician will be able to link to this URL to pull up the previous Skype session.


TIP: In the Skype client you can create a list (i.e. Tickets) and store all of your ticket chats within this list. This will make it easier to reference in the future.


In the Skype client, you can also do a keyword search and locate the ticket's thread.