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Setup Legacy Routing

SherpaDesk has several different routing methods to assign tickets to either a single technician or to group of technicians who are members of a queue.  

Tickets are able to be routed based on;

Account or Location - Tickets are able to be routed based on the location or account stored in the user's profile.

Type of Issue Tickets are able to be routed based on the class or type of issue the user is having.  Classes can be set in a hierarchy (i.e. Computers > Desktop > Mac) and at each class level the ticket is able to be routed and assigned. 

Severity - Tickets are able to be routed based on the priority level of the ticket.  

Levels - Tickets are able to be routed in a work flow setup by Levels.  You will be able to escalate your tickets and assign technicians or queues to each escalation path.


Routing Order

Set the route order in which the system will look first to route the ticket.  For example.  If you select 'Route by Ticket Class' in position Order 1 then the system will look at the class of the ticket to determine how to route the ticket.  If no class is found then it will proceed to Order 2 to determine assignment.  

Class Routing

Class routing offers the most options when it comes to assigning tickets.  You will be able to configure the routing of each class by going to Configuration > Classes and then edit each Class.

Tech of Last Resort - This a specific technician or queue the system will assign to if there are no other options left to route.  It's a fail safe as the system needs to have some route or assignment.

Class Type - Determines what type of routing is available for this Class.  The following options include

Tech Pool - Standard - You will just assign the technicians to the pool in which tickets will be assigned

Use Global Level Tech Pool - The system will determine the route based on your Global Levels set up

Tech Pool Location Aware - You will assign technicians AND the location they support

Use Location's Tech Pool - The system will determine the route based on your Location routing set up.

Routing Type - Determines how tickets will be distributed among your technicians

Distributed Routing - This means the system will assign tickets in sequence to whoever is included in the Technicians Pool

 Least # of Tickets - This means the system will review the members of the Technicians Pool and assign the ticket to whoever has the least amount of open tickets

Technician Pool - This the group of technicians or queues in which the ticket will be assigned.  The ticket will only be routed to an individual technician or to a queue and will not be routed or notify other members of this pool.

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