Create Dynamic Ticket Forms

SherpaDesk allows you to create dynamic ticket forms based on the different types of issues the end user is having.   You will be able to create and assign multiple fields for each Class and Sub-Class within your system.  To set up your Classes you will need to go to Configuration > Classes

There are 4 types of custom fields:

Text Box (single line) - Creates a basic text field for shorter responses

Text Area (multi line) - Creates a basic text box for longer responses

Drop Down (single answer) - Allows the user to select a response from a list

Check Boxes (multi answers) - Allows the user to check multiple responses from a list

Each of the fields is able to be set as 'Required' meaning the user has to select an answer and assigned to the corresponding Class.  

Other Options:

For Technicians Only: Makes this field visible only to technicians and not visible to standard users

Disable User Editing: Limits the standard user from editing this field once it has been created.

  1. Jarom
    05 January, 2018

    I don't see where to add the custom fields to the class/subclass. I only see options for creating classes. Editing the class doesn't show anything with custom fields either.

  2. Patrick Clements
    14 August, 2014

    Custom reports currently does not support the custom fields. This is something we are looking to integrate in the future. In order to be able to report on custom field features you will need to export this data by going to Reports > Ticket Export.

  3. Monte Graff
    13 August, 2014

    How do I generate reports based off of custom fields?