Install SherpaDesk package into Salesforce

SherpaDesk provides to your Salesforce the following features:

- list of 25 most recent tickets for account
- create new ticket for account
- search the tickets in your organization
- create the ticket reports.

To setup it you need:

1. Install the SherpaDesk package into Salesforce.

2. Add the Recent Tickets list to Account page layout.

3. Add the connection string to SherpaDesk.

4. View recent tickets of account to validate that all work is set properly.

5. Review our troubleshoot article if you have are having troubles.

Install SherpaDesk package into Salesforce

To install the SherpaDesk package into Salesforce  click this URL.

Select the option you need and click the “Install” button.

Install 1.png

Click the “Continue” button to grant access to the SherpaDesk API.

Install 2.png

Installation will start.

Install 3.png

You will be informed after the installation of the package is completed.

Install 4.png

Add Recent Tickets list to Account page layout

To add the Tickets Related list to the Account page layout in Salesforce  you will need to go to Setup->Build->Customize->Accounts->Page Layouts and click “Edit” for “Account Layout”.

Add Recent Tickets list to Account page 1.png

Click “Related Lists” section of the page layout to see “Tickets” related list at the right. Drag-n-drop it to any available place on the page layout (ex. in the bottom, for example).

Add Recent Tickets list to Account page 2.png

Click spanner icon to open "Related List Properties" window.

Add Recent Tickets list to Account page 3.png

Add the columns “External ID”, “Subject”, “End User”, “Technician”, “Location”, “Class”, “Priority”, “Level”, “Status”, “Days Old” to the Related List.

Add Recent Tickets list to Account page 4.png

Adds "New Ticket" custom button to the Related List and click the “OK” button.

Add Recent Tickets list to Account page 5.png

Click “Save” button at the top to save the changes for the page layout. In “Owerwrite User’s Related List ?” dialog window click “Yes” to apply the changes for all the users.

Add Recent Tickets list to Account page 6.png

Manage Connection String to SherpaDesk

To manage in Salesforce the connection string to SherpaDesk go to Setup->Build->Develop->Custom Settings and click the “Manage” for “SherpaDesk API Settings”.

Manage Custom Settings 1.png

Click “New” button to create new settings.

Manage Custom Settings 2.png

Fill the form and click the “Save” button to save the changes.
Name: must be “Default”.
Connection String: copy value from Salesforce configuration page of SherpaDesk web application.

Manage Custom Settings 3.png

SherpaDesk Salesforce configuration page.

Manage Custom Settings 4.png

View Recent Tickets of Account

To see list of Recent Tickets of Account go to "Accounts" tab and find an Account. Click the name to see the details of the Account. Account Tickets 1.png

See the “Tickets” related list on the Account detail page. Click it to see the related list itself.

Account Tickets 2.png

"Tickets" related list contains top 25 Recent Tickets of Account. Click “External ID” to see the details of the Ticket.

Account Tickets 3.png

Ticket detail page contains main details of the Ticket and the URL to see the whole ticket in SherpaDesk web application.

Account Tickets 4.png


In case you see an error message inside Tickets related list area on Account detail page, you have to add or change Connection String to SherpaDesk.

Error 1.png