Azure AD Connect

Azure AD Connect integrates your on-premises directories with Azure AD. SherpaDesk is integrated with Azure AD.

In other words, Azure AD Connect synchronizes the data from your organization's AD to Azure AD, and SherpaDesk synchronizes the data from Azure AD into the application database.

Please follow the steps below to setup it:

  1. Learn prerequisites for Azure AD Connect before you start.
  2. Install Azure AD Connect on your Windows 2012 R2 server or later.
  3. Configure the sync features of Azure AD Connect.
  4. Setup data replication from Azure AD into SherpaDesk.

The article that will guide you through the planning, deployment, and operation steps of using Azure AD Connect (steps ##1-3 above):

See also the article how to set up data replication from Azure AD into SherpaDesk (step #4 above):