2023.09.28 Production Release


  • Added bulk update and download options for Products under the Configuration menu


  • Removed sections that are not being used (i.e. travel logs, products, retainers, etc.) in the invoice previews
  • Fixed error when hiding items from invoices

QuickBooks Online

  • Implemented value check adjustments for taxes on Invoices after syncing invoices to QBO

QuickBooks Desktop

  • Added the option to remove the date from the description in the invoice
  • Added the option to remove the ticket number from the description in the invoice
  • Fixed the issue with multiline description by removing the markup


  • Added alternate users to the ticket close-out form for notification options
  • Added the option to list a technician assigned to a ToDo in a ticket as an Alternate Technician to the ticket
  • Added workpad data to be included in the Custom Reports Datasource = Tickets.
  • Added an account filter and the ability to sort column headers on scheduled tickets
  • Added the ability to convert KB articles into tickets from the ticket action button


  • Added multi-select control for Asset statuses in the asset's advanced search
  • Updated the logic to show ALL users when doing a checkout procedure under the asset's profile
  • Added a success notification banner when changes to an asset's profile are made


  • Added the option to include the client's contact information during account creation


  • Products are now able to be associated with assets during contract creation.
  • Assets now will display all the associated products assigned to the individual record
  • Advanced asset search now allows for querying products assigned to assets

Bug Fixes and Optimization

  • Updated and optimized the LDAP replication schedule