2021.06.21 Production Release


  • Fixed a bug when NinjaRMM Clients were not syncing properly with SherpaDesk Accounts and Assets

Custom Email

  • Added embed variables to include First Name, Last Name, and Email for technicians and users on outbound emails


  • Created a search function for Alerts


  • Added a sync icon to display which events are synced with a shared web calendar
  • Updated the assigned color palette to reflect the event type

QuickBooks Online

  • Updated the Connect to QuickBooks button and Sign in with Intuit buttons.

Bug Fixes and Optimization

  • To reduce the load on Ticket Details we have implemented a 'Load More' option after the last 25 logs posts in the Overview tab
  • Added log entries for Junk Mail submission
  • Fixed bug on sending invoices
  • Fixed issue where Custom Field Dates were not matching printed ticket formatting
  • Fixed formatting bug on calendar events where they were not using the default settings
  • Fixed bug where calendar events were not showing the correct Account when submitted via the email parser
  • Fixed foreign character bug on Custom Fields
  • Fixed bug on exporting Time Log Detail Report