QuickBooks Online: Expense Markups on Invoices

Unfortunately at this time, we are unable to include markup costs with expense logs to QuickBook Online. We are unable to set MarkupInfo for Invoice Items using QuickBooks Online API as this information is currently being ignored by QuickBooks.

The only resolution is to use the QuickBooks UI to differentiate the expense log with the markup to show up correctly on the P&L.

  1. Customers must sync Expenses to QuickBooks Online
  2. Customer must then create an invoice in QuickBooks Online and then link these Expenses to Invoice -

In this case, the P&L will look correct showing the expense item broken out from the markup.

Here are some additional articles referencing the issue with the integration:

- https://help.developer.intuit.com/s/question/0D50f00005lpCTxCAM/cannot-create-an-invoice-with-markup-and-set-accountref
- https://help.developer.intuit.com/s/question/0D50f00006eYGKZCA4/cannot-create-an-invoice-with-markupinfo

We will continue to review the QuickBooks Online APIs to see if this becomes available in the future.