2022.08.11 Production Release


  • Added custom quote messaging to Email Custom Messages
  • Updated the UI when selecting a default contract when creating a new quote
  • Added a Create New Quote button on the Quotes page
  • Remove the challenge box when deleting an item from Products and Services
  • Changed the layout of creating a new quote and moved support packs to the bottom
  • Set the default for the overage rate to be Service Rate
  • Updated the icon for creating a new project when accepting a quote
  • Set the default hours to be 0 on new services added to a quote
  • Added the option to renew an existing quote
  • Updated the UX to maintain screen position when adding new products and services
  • Added a reorder control to move line items for products and services easily
  • Added markup option for products during quote creation
  • Fixed UI issues with products item not being left justified in quotes


  • Created import routine for products via XLSX
  • Created import routine for QuickBooks Online, Xero Accounting, FreshBooks


  • Added the option for Delete Response notification
  • Added the option for Edit Response notification

LDAP Replication

  • Added Location mapping

Bug Fixes & Optimization

  • Fixed issues when using keyword searches for Alerts
  • Fixed issues when trying to edit a custom report
  • Updated the materialized view for custom reports to improve optimization and rendering