How add users location via LDAP

It is possible to add users' location during LDAP replication.

Please check the following steps to set location replication to your user's profiles.

  1. Add the LDAP field where the locations are being stored in your AD.Copydd376895cc46.png
  2. Add location mapping, if the location value from your AD is different from the location value in SherpaDesk.Copy14968cd47eb3.png
  3. Run LDAP replication.
  4. Check user locations on the Login page.Copy8ea3880e656f.png

If the location is missing on Login page, make sure that location mapping is correct.

Also please check the video with the full process of adding users' locations via LDAP: you will see how to map AD location "Room 103" to SherpaDesk location "Room 102".