Add New Users

SherpaDesk provides for a few different ways to add new users to the system. Listed are the four types of user's roles within the system.

Standard User - This user has the most limited responsibilities. They are able to create a service request for themselves and review their service requests.

Super User - These users who are able to create and review service requests as well as service requests of other users located at their assigned location

Technician - Users who are able to receive, review, resolve and report on all service requests. Technicians are able to have filtered access to the system based on settings set by the Administrator

Contractor - This is a very restrictive Technician license that you would typically assign to someone outside of your organization. Contractors are assigned to 1 Account in which they can service requests and add their billable time and expenses.

Administrator - Users who are able to configure the application and manage the routing and setup of the system


The main way to add new user accounts would be under Configuration > Users. Here you will be able to manage all of your user accounts and create new users.

New User Wizard

The New User Wizard allows users who come to your login portal to create their own accounts.


To activate this feature you can go to Configuration > Users> Settings. Users will only be entered as standard users into the system and would need to be promoted by an administrator if they need to be technicians.


Create New Ticket

Technicians have the ability to create new users during the ticket creation process. To add this feature you will need to go to Configuration > Tickets > Add Login Accounts When Creating Tickets.



Account Details

When Account Manager is turned ON you will be able to manage user logins per account.


Email Parser

Standard User accounts are also able to be created when they submit a service request by email. The setting is located in Configuration > Emails. You will have the ability to restrict only approved domains.

  1. Michael Clements
    21 January, 2021

  2. Patrick Clements
    27 April, 2017

    1. Yes, we charge $39/month per technician or system administrator license. This is a monthly fee per license. If you a staff member leaves then you can just inactivate their account and this license would no longer be charged.

    2. Currently only technicians and system admins have access to view reports. However, you are able to create a Custom Report (Reports > Custom Reports) and have these email delivered out to any standard user (or any user not even listed in the system) on a regular schedule.

  3. Maggie Man
    27 April, 2017

    Hi guys,

    I am new and setting up the ticketing system for our company. We are using Office 365. I have the inquiries below:

    1. Technical will be charge $39/head, is it in US dollar? This charge is one-off or annual fee? If the staff left the company, can it be transfer to another user?
    2. Management grade would like to view the SLA reports. Should I set them as standard user?