2022.01.24 Production Release

Email Parser

  • Added time log notes to tickets recorded via the email parser

Staff Payments

  • Added Invoice Number and Paid status to staff payment logs

Bug Fixes and Optimization

  • Fixed bug when linking Google Account to SherpaDesk
  • Added 'No Follow' links on public portal KB articles
  • Fixed issues with Shared Calendar - Operation timed out
  • Fixed bug on email parser when creating a new ticket
  • Fixed the background service for verifying the email domain setup
  • Fixed bug when trying to login using O365
  • Fixed bug where the Due Date was not showing up in the ticket details
  • Fixed bug when importing Account list from template
  • Fixed Invoice bug when sorting by tax or event
  • Fixed bug on customer sync issues with NinjaOne
  • Fixed bug when trying to transfer a ticket across organizations
  • Fixed bug when trying to close out a ticket