2019.09.05 Production Release


  • Improved the UI and text wrapping on the Notes field in the Time Log Detail report
  • Added Notepad to the DataSource options in Custom Reports


  • Fixed the issue where lists were not being displayed if there is not default ToDo added


  • Improved the handling of security certificates that have extended beyond 15 days
  • Moved project and time logs to a single table for better reporting and optimization
  • Added alerts to Queue notifications if a public email address is being used
  • Added 'Receive Own Actions' to Queue notifications


  • Improved advanced search on asset IDs. Optimized background web app and improved DB queries
  • Improved and optimized the loading of Custom Report
  • Fixed the bug when trying to edit a Custom Field
  • Fixed a looping error. Fixed queries for retrieving data of indexes in background web app config
  • Fixed the bug in Queues that was showing multiple names of technicians with multiple assigned email addresses
  • Fixed the bug in LDAP where the message of Process Not Ending was not updating
  • Fixed spacing issue not being recognized in the email parser