2023.11.24 Production Release


  • Added new zone to support US2

QuickBooks Online

  • Added a filter for when adding new accounts from QBO
  • Add the "Remove Ticket End User from Description on Invoices" setting

Custom Fields

  • Added the option to add description text for each custom field to be displayed on the customer portal

Xero Accounting

  • Added a filter for when adding new accounts from Xero
    - All
    - Customers
    - Suppliers


  • Added UI to show notes on individual ToDo logs (vs on hover)


  • Added date range filter to locate expenses in a designated time frame
  • Added lazy load to add more items on the Expense page on scrolling down

Customer Report Designer

  • Added a new data source UserProfile


  • Added the ability to assign assets to products
  • Added the bulk option to Move to the Previous Billing Period during the Ready to Invoice page

Bug Fixes & Optimization

  • Updated and enhanced Delete procedure

  1. Patrick Clements
    26 November, 2023