Create Gmail alias forwarding emails into SherpaDesk

1. Create DropBox in SherpaDesk (Configuration > Emails)


2. Log on to the Gmail Admin panel and create an alias for the Gmail account. Alias is a public email address of the queue.


3. Log on to the Gmail account and create forwarding email address rule

4. Add the SherpaDesk's queue address

Click Next, Proceed and OK

5. Open SherpaDesk's Email Diagnostic Logs (Configuration > Emails)  and find the Gmail verification mail

6. View message and copy link to activate forwarding or use activation code.

7. Create Gmail rules to forward incoming emails to SherpaDesk

a. Send email to new alias (i.e.

b. Create a rule based on email and forward to the SherpaDesk address

Note: If you want use labels, create it before creating the rule. Be careful to choose the right forwarding address.