How do I limit new users to specific domains?

  1. Patrick Clements
    09 September, 2022

    Organizations are able to restrict which users are able to create tickets and new user accounts in their systems based on the user's email address. There are two ways a new user is able to create a new account and submit a ticket. The first is by submitting an email to the helpdesk and the second is by logging an issue using the organization's support portal. This article will show how to set up restrictions on these two access points for new users.

    Email Parser

    Users are able to create tickets to an organization's help desk by submitting an email to the email parser. In order to restrict who has access to submit a ticket, you will need to go to the Configuration > Emails sections and enable 'Limit new users to only matching email suffixes'. You will then need to place the approved suffix domains in the Email Suffixes section.


    This is for users trying to email into the helpdesk. This will limit new user creation to only approved suffixes.

    Support Portal

    Users are able to go to an organization's support portal and create a new ticket. If the system does not detect this user's account then the portal will look to verify the user by their email domain. To place restrictions on which users are able to create a new account please go to Configuration > Support Portal. The system will look at approved email domains from the email suffixes placed in Configuration > Emails as well as email suffixes assigned to your Accounts.


    You will be able to place approved email suffixes under the Account's detail screen