2020.11.20 Production Release

Xero Integration

  • Implement sync of Expenses and Travel Logs as ACCPAY Invoices (bills)
  • Fixed bug where Xero integration link was still showing in time once disabled
  • Added an option to hide SherpaDesk Ref field from invoices

Freshbooks Integration

  • Added the option to remove the ticket subject from the description
  • Added the START/STOP entries of time logs
  • Updated task type names use Freshbooks values
  • Add the option to include 'Number of days from creation that invoice is due' to set invoice due dates
  • Added an invoice filter for items that are Synced / Not Synced to FreshBooks

QBO Integration

  • Added the option to 'Remove SherpaDesk Invoice Information from Message Statement'

Email Parsing

  • Added ToDo templates on new tickets created via the parser

Time Logs

  • Added task type filter to the time log page


  • Added the option to set an Invoice Date on new invoices
  • Added ticket status to time logs on invoice
  • Added the ability to sort time logs via ticket status
  • Added the ability to filter time logs via ticket status

Bug Fixes and Optimization

  • Optimized the stored procedures for selecting the project list
  • Fixed Invoice page not caching correctly to the last date setting
  • Updated password reset and new user creation email URL to redirect to customer's vanity URL
  • Updated the Calendar view to cache the last setting
  • Fixed notification bug where users were only implemented as email addresses vs login accounts on Queues
  • Optimized the email parser to better detect hard spam attacks
  • Optimized SQL queries to work with large amounts of email log records
  • Removed Calendar link for Standard Users
  • Removed the option to manually set a password for a standard user account