2024.02.06 Production Release

TalkDesk Integration

  • Created the initial integration to allow for a screen pop on incoming calls nd ticket creation for voicemails with TalkDesk


  • Added log events to every contract to review updates and changes made to each Contract
  • Add a Global Contract Manager page to allow centralized management and updating of all contracts across all accounts.


  • Created the option to assign services, products, and expenses to an asset

Email Parser

  • Redesigned the email thread to have a simpler and more modern look

Custom Reports

  • Added the field value 'PaidAmount' to the Datasource = Invoices

Bug Fixes & Optimization

  • Optimized the integration table for all integrated solutions
  • Fixed a bug where the Files tab was not being shown in an Asset Profile
  • Fixed issue with disabling Xero and Freshbooks integrations
  • Fixed small IU issues with Edge browser