Can't install SherpaDesk Chrome Extension from Google Web Store


If this link is not working for you,

you can always install our extension manually:

Step 1 - download a zip file with the extension

Follow the link, then click "Download" button.

Step 2 - extract the contents of the zip file

Right click on the downloaded zip file, then click "Extract Here".

Step 3 - open the extension page in google chrome

There are several ways todo that.

Option 1: type chrome://extensions in the url bar and press enter.

Option 2: click on the tree dots in the top right of the browser, then click "More tools" then click "Extensions".

Step 4 - activate developer mode

Turn on the switch on the top right of the page that says "Developer mode";

Step 5 - load unpacked extension

Click on the button on the top left of the page that says "Load unpacked".

Then select a folder that contains the manifest.json file.

Chrome Ext Install Example.gif