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SherpaDesk & QuickBooks Online Integration

SherpaDesk integration with QuickBooks Online supports the following operations:

Download and Sync Customers to SherpaDesk Accounts

Insert computed invoices into QuickBooks Online

Insert computed bills into QuickBooks Online

Sync Employees & Vendors into SherpaDesk

Sync QuickBooks Products/Services with SherpaDesk Task Types

Sync Time Logs (Requires QuickBooks Online Plus or Essentials version)  (Simple Start does not support)

Sync Expenses

I only have QuickBooks Simple Start, I don't have PLUS or Essentials

Don't worry, we can save you some money if you were only planning to enable PLUS or Essentials for time tracking. If you have only Simple Start QuickBooks Online version, you can work around it.   

You should not try to sync SherpaDesk timelogs to QuickBooks.  You should use Vendor Payments in SherpaDesk to push VENDOR Bills into QuickBooks for Payments. You should use SherpaDesk Invoices to compute your timelogs into invoices in SherpaDesk and insert the compiled Invoice into QuickBooks.

Payroll.  Since you are not pushing timelogs to QuickBooks, there is one catch.  You will need to manually input the consolidated timelogs from SherpaDesk Vendor Payments into the Payroll Screen as Hours in QuickBooks Online. This only applies to QuickBooks Employees. QuickBooks Vendors you can sync the Bill for Payment directly without manual input.

Time Log Sync

To sync Time Logs with QuickBooks you must have a version that supports Time Logs. QuickBooks Simple Start does not support Time Log Sync

Do I need to Sync Time Logs? Not necessarily

The natural reaction is to want to sync SherpaDesk time logs to QuickBooks Online. Then use QuickBooks online to generate the invoice to the customer. This does work and is supported. Although QuickBooks Online has a limitation in that you cannot create VENDOR BILL Payments from these times logs. You can convert QuickBooks Online timelogs to QuickBooks Invoices.

Create invoices inside SherpaDesk or QuickBooks?

SherpaDesk can generate an invoice inside of SherpaDesk, using SherpaDesk rate plans. This invoice can then be inserted into QuickBooks to allow Accounts Receivable tracking inside QuickBooks Online. Or if you have a version of QuickBooks Online that supports Time Tracking you can sync SherpaDesk Time Logs to QuickBooks Online and generate the invoice inside of QuickBooks Online.

The rate plans inside of SherpaDesk generally provide more flexibility generating the invoice.  If your rate types are very simple it is possible to allow QuickBooks to generate the invoice.   If you have more complicated rate structures, you might need to allow SherpaDesk to compute and generate the invoice inside SherpaDesk.

Vendor Payments to QuickBooks Bills

SD Payments.png

SherpaDesk also allows time logs inside of SherpaDesk to be inserted into QuickBooks as BILLS to pay your contractors / Vendors.  

To use this feature you must enable "Vendor Payments" in SherpaDesk.  Then create the BILL / Vendor Payment inside of SherpaDesk.   Then sync this BILL to QuickBooks Online.

Note: TimeLogs / TimeSheets / Single Time Activity inside of QuickBooks Online can only be converted to INVOICES or EMPLOYEE PAYROLL. QuickBooks Online does not allow conversion of timelogs to BILLS payable to contractors / vendors.

Employees & Payroll in QuickBooks

To pay "Empolyees" (not Vendors) inside of QuickBooks online you must use the time log sync feature.  The sequence will be SherpaDesk Time Logs -> QuickBooks Online Time Activites -> Run Payroll

Sync of Time Logs in QuickBooks requires a QuickBooks Online PLUS Subscription.

Workaround:  If you want to avoid enabling PLUS subscription in QuickBooks online, you can sync your VENDOR BILS from SherpaDesk to QuickBooks Online, and then when you run payroll, manually copy the TimeLog Totals from SherpaDesk Pay Vendors -> QuickBooks Run Payroll Screen

Recap: You cannot sync a SherpaDesk Vendor Payment to an Employee in QuickBooks Online.   

Your options to pay employees in QuickBooks Online are:

a.) Manually input the total time from SherpaDesk Vendors Payments Screen into QuickBooks Payroll screen

b.) Sync SherpaDesk Time Logs to QuickBooks Online TimeSheets (Requires QuickBooks Plus Subscription).  Then run payroll in QuickBooks Online and the timesheet data should copy into the payroll screen

c.) or change mapping from the SherpaDesk Tech to map to a QuickBooks Vendor versus and Employee

QuickBooks Payroll Settings Related to TimeSheets

Payroll 1.png

Payroll 2.png

Service Date not appearing on QuickBooks Online Invoices

The service date field is not included on invoices in QuickBooks by default.  Check out this article to enable this service date field

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