2021.04.15 Production Release


  • Added setting to implement SherpaDesk's invoice link to Notes on FreshBooks invoices
  • Fixed bug where Custom Notes were not being added to FreshBooks invoices
  • Implemented 'Charge Late Fees' integration to update on FreshBooks invoices
  • Added Payment Online Gateway option
  • Added Accept Credit Card option
  • Added Accept ACH Bank Transfer option
  • Added Allow Partial Payments option

Time Tracking

  • Added option to not set the Start/Stop timer for time logs entered via email
  • Now Time Logs display both the ticket number and the project name
  • Added the ability to transfer overage hours from an existing PrePaid pack to a new PrePaid pack
  • Added an overage notification for PrePaid packs
  • Marked overage hours on PrePaid pack as RED


  • Tax rates now support up to four decimal places
  • Added the option to include 1-time billing for a Flat Fee project
  • Moved Invoiced items to their own separate tab. Now queries can be made separately for Ready to Invoice and Invoiced items
  • Added Invoice tab on the Account profile page

QuickBooks Online

  • Added the option to place the SherpaDesk Invoice link in the Customer Message


  • Added parser commands for Expense items
  • Created nested tree view for Expenses
  • Added a description field for Expense items


  • Fixed issue where the Calendar was adding additional dates and events to the Google shared calendar than what was set in the default settings
  • Implemented O365 support for shared calendars
  • Implemented drag-n-drop support for Calendar events
  • Added the ability to create custom event types
  • Added the ability to create custom color codes for event types
  • Fixed issue where calendar event attachment was adding multiple events

Custom Reports

  • Added the data field CurrentBudget to the data source Tickets


  • Added NinjaRMM sync icon to manually sync Account Manager records to NinjaRMM Clients
  • Added the ability to import and sync NinjaRMM Clients to SherpaDesk Account Manager
  • Added the ability to import and sync NinjaRMM devices to SherpaDesk Asset Manager
  • Created the option to convert alerts to tickets based on alert's conditions
  • Added a 'View NinjaRMM Profile' button on synced assets
  • Updated the UI in the alert layout
  • Added Europe server support

Bug Fixes and Optimization

  • Updated Izenda reporting license to Enterprise 6.8
  • Support Hebrew language syntax and structure
  • Improved the layout of the ticket closure page
  • Optimized the select control for projects
  • Increased character length for internal Notes on Time Logs