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Setup Custom Domains and Email Suffixes

In order to white label your instances, SherpaDesk provides two features that allow you to use full vanity URLs on the web app and email responses from your own domain name.

Custom Domains
The Custom Domains feature allows the SherpaDesk web app to run under your own domain such as The SherpaDesk system runs under SSL so it will require an SSL setup on our servers. During the set up this will be handled automatically and we purchase the required certificates on your behalf.

Custom Email Domain
The Custom Email Domain feature allows outbound and inbound emails from SherpaDesk to run under your own domain name such as This feature requires SPF and DKIM DNS records setup.

Listed below are some setup tips to help get your SherpaDesk instance using the white label features.

DNS Setup Required

To enable either of these custom domain features, you MUST be able to edit your domain's DNS records for SSL Validation, DKIM, and SPF Records.

At the bottom of this article, we show two screenshots of correct DNS Configuration for DNS and Amazon Route 53 DNS. Even if you use other DNS systems, these will give you an idea of the correct configuration.

Please be aware that depending on your DNS provider it can take up to 48 hours for the DNS entry changes to propagate.


If you setup the custom domain such as, you and all users will have to login to the application again. The browser will think of the new domain name as an entirely new application and not user any previously stored or saved credentials.

Enabling the Features

You will need to first start by going to the Configuration section and turning ON each of these features.

Enable DKIM and Custom Domain.png

SSL and Custom Web URL

Once you enable the Custom Domain feature, the application will walk you through the steps needed to finish the setup. Remember, DNS edits are required to validate the domain for SSL setup. SSL is required.

Success SSL MySDDemo.png

This screen shows SherpaDesk successfully running under SSL and a custom domain name. Success MySherpaDeskDemo.png

Email Suffix Setup - DKIM, SPF, MX

To start the setup for custom Email Suffixes, proceed to this Configuration screen, and click Add Domain. SherpaDesk does not allow custom email to run under the root domain ( A subdomain is required such as

DKIM 1.png

To complete the setup of a custom subdomain, you must make the following DNS entries for your custom subdomain. Specific DNS instructions are outside of the scope of this article, but the screenshots below give an example of a properly configured DNS for Godaddy and Amazon Route 53 DNS.

Success DKIM MySDDemo.png

This screenshot shows an email from SherpaDesk using the new custom domain suffix.

Success Gmail DKIM.png

Correct DNS Setting for GoDaddy or Amazon

Proper Godaddy DNS Setup.png

Proper Amazon AWS Route 53 Setup.png

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