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Install SherpaDesk application into G Suite

First, Enable API access in the G Suite Admin console.

Then open G Suite Marketplace and sign in to Google under administrator’s account. Type “SherpaDesk” into search field to look for our application.

Click “Install App” button to install the application into Your G Suite Account.

Click “Continue” button to start installing.

Grant the right access to application by clicking “Accept” button.

The application is installed into Your G Suite Account. You may notify your Users about that.
Click “Next” button to continue.

You can find SherpaDesk under Apps launcher icon.
Click “Accept” button to continue.

SherpaDesk requires setup an Account before your Users can start using it.
Click “Complete additional setup now” hyperlink to do it.

Click “Allow” button to grant access to the SherpaDesk.

If Your SherpaDesk Account is already exists, you will be logged in to SherpaDesk web application using Single Sign-On.

If you are new to SherpaDesk, you should get a New Account.
Fill the form and click “Create My Account” button. You can use Organization Units of Your Google Domain to filter what Users are imported into SherpaDesk.

Now you can start using SherpaDesk web application: the Users are imported into SherpaDesk and able to log in using Single Sign-On.

To manage the application open G Suite Admin console under administrator’s account, go to Apps->Marketplace apps, click “SherpaDesk” to open Settings.

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