Fix Design on your Portal

All Portal settings located on Config/Support Portal & KB. You can change the header, footer what are you like. It is very simple.
Just add HTML on skin sections and CSS how you want or have in your website.



Here the result of portal one of our customers:


When the Html and CSS skin section is empty on the App. App uses a simple template for header and footer by default. There is a preview:


Let's together customize your header and footer to your theme.

add your logo, change theme color, change the title.

Please, add HTML code in Header Html skin section:

CA HelpDesk">

  • CA-logo.png

  • CA HelpDesk

Where: green text selection is link for logo image and blue text selection is title. Change it.

And add CSS code on CSS section:

.sd_portal header{
background: #20186b;
.sd_portal .check-ticket{
margin-top: 5px;

Where yellow text selection is the background color of the header.

If you want to use linear gradient please use the construction:

background: -webkit-linear-gradient(top,#276da3 0%,#004174 100%);

gradient direction (top-vertical or left-horizontal), gradient color: first and last.

That is all. Header did. Here the result.


Footer: If you want to change the background color please add code on CSS:

background: #0099DD; } //color


GREAT!!! Now your Portal has a new design ;-)

P.S. But if you still have a question, please, feel free ask us.