Does SherpaDesk offer onboarding or training session?

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    Michael Clements
    19 January, 2021

    SherpaDesk is set up to be self-managed, however, we do provide you with some options on getting started.

    1. We highly recommend attending one of our weekly webinars. We schedule these every Tuesday at 10 am PST and it’s a great overview of the platform. If the day and time don’t work for you then we can send you a pre-recorded version that you can watch on your own. You can sign up here SherpaDesk Webinar.
    2. You also utilize our support department Please send us an email with questions about getting setup or if you need any assistance.
    3. We also have our support library with Knowledgebase articles to assist you with getting setup.
    4. If you are looking for a dedicated time then you can purchase a block of time and have a technician go through your setup with you.