2019.6.13 Production Release

Custom Report

  • Updated license key to remove the expiration timestamp


  • Added the option to 'Calculate date range automatically'. Checking this box will automatically apply the Start and End date range. This will include all contracts that are included in this date range.
  • Renamed the Configuration option to Invoices & Contracts
  • Included Project name and Contract name in the invoice description for the billing method
  • Included the option to invoice based on Account, Contract and/or Project in the Ready to Invoice section
  • Allow recurring expenses to be edited on invoices in the Ready to Invoice section

Asset Management

  • Added the 'Assign Assets' to the Asset Manager screen. This will allow you to quickly Check Out multiple assets to a user. The assignment will be stored in the asset's history logs.

Ticket Detail

  • Able to transfer a ticket to a new Board status during ticket transfer
  • Added Board list to the ticket worklist columns for sorting


  • It's finally here!! The new Board feature is being released in its v1 status. Now you will be view Tickets, Projects and ToDo's on a single page in a Kanban view. You will be able to move these cards across various stages and statuses.

Time Tracking

  • Added the option to hide the Method of Payments adopted by QBO integration when 'Show Financial Information for Technicians' is left unchecked


  • Added the option to include the 'Pay Now' button on SherpaDesk invoice

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed Execution Timeout Expired errors
  • Fixed a bug where some invoice numbers were being duplicated in SherpaDesk
  • Fixed a bug where the technician was unable to reset the Priority back to Null (blank)
  • Fixed a bug where the previous templates were not being cleared out if the class was changed during the create new ticket process
  • Fixed a bug where the expense category, when set to NULL, was not updating properly
  • Fixed a bug where the 'Register New User' account link was not working