SherpaDesk Integration with FreshBooks

FreshBook's users are now able to track all of their time, expenses, and travel in SherpaDesk and then assign them to various contracts on their customer's account. Agents can then push over individual time entries or entire invoices into their FreshBooks solution for quick and easy billing.

Listed are the following steps in getting started.

Integration and Setup

System Administrators will need to navigate to the Configuration page in SherpaDesk and select FreshBooks.

Here you will find the option to turn ON FreshBooks and start the simple integration:


Click on the link 'Setup your FreshBooks Integration' to get started.


SherpaDesk allows you to use either your Classic or New version of FreshBooks. If you are using the older classic version, you will need to use the vanity URL (e.g., to start integration. If you are the new version of Freshbooks, you can simply just click Continue.


You will then be redirected to FreshBooks to authorize your account by entering in your email and password.


Syncing Your Data

Once authorized, your systems will be linked, and you will be able to start syncing your SherpaDesk task types, expenses, accounts, time logs and invoices over to FreshBooks.

Task Types

The first thing you will want to do is start to sync your SherpaDesk task types with tasks in FreshBooks. Just click on the FreshBook's icon and select which task you want to assign your SherpaDesk task type.


The FreshBooks icon will turn green letting you know that the sync was successful.



You then are ready to start syncing your accounts. You are able to import all of your FreshBooks customers into SherpaDesk by going to the Accounts page and selecting 'Download FreshBooks Clients'


You are also able to select which SherpaDesk clients you are able to sync with your FreshBooks customer by using the icon sync


NOTE: If the customer does not currently exist in FreshBooks, you can create the customer on-the-fly by selecting 'Add New Client to FreshBooks.' This will create the new client in FreshBooks and create sync in SherpaDesk.

Now that your accounts and task types are synced with your FreshBooks you are able to start pushing your time logs and/or invoices over to FreshBooks.

Time Logs

SherpaDesk time logs can be synced and pushed over individually into FreshBooks. Once the initial sync has been made, SherpaDesk will remember these settings for future time log syncs.


These time logs will come over as time log entries in FreshBooks



SherpaDesk also allows complete invoices to be synced with your FreshBooks.


These invoices will then show in your Invoices section of FreshBooks.


Our FreshBooks integration is meant to be seamless and easy to use. If you ever have any questions or need additional assistance, please feel free to email us at