2020.11.14 Production Release

User Accounts

  • Added the ability to OPT-IN mail service accounts for users. By default, these addresses are disabled for notifications

Bug Fixes and Optimization

  • Removed the option to manually reset a user's password for security reasons
  • Removed security certificates for expired organizations
  • Improved MailGun retrieving and retry logic
  • Improved spam detecting protocols on inbound messages
  • Fixed email parser and notification services to prevent VM reboot locking issues
  • Fixed bug on the calendar page
  • Fixed bug where closure notifications were being sent to ALT users when the option to send email to the user is not selected
  • Fixed bug where duplicate tickets were being shown the ticket worklist based on assigned Alt technician
  • Fixed crashing of error page of loading a ticket when an unauthorized user is not logged into the organization
  • Fixed issue where the system was sending notifications to inactive users