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Setup Data Replication from Google

SherpaDesk provides the ability to import Users from Your Google Domains into the system and automatically synchronize this data in separate night replication process.

In addition, you can use Organization Units of Your Google Domain to filter what Users are replicated. Review how to manage Organization Units of Your Google Domain in this article.

To setup data replication from Google Enable API access in the G Suite Admin console firstly.

Then log in to SherpaDesk web application under administrator’s account, go to Configuration->Google page and turn on the feature.
Click “Create Token” button.

Once you initiate the Google sync and it is authenticated we are now able to read and update your data.
SherpaDesk provides a nightly sync option to automatically manage your data going forward, but you can turn it on or off.
NOTE: Once this process is started the system will replicate your data into the SherpaDesk on a nightly replication.

Sign in to Google under administrator’s account.

Click “Allow” button to grant access to the SherpaDesk.

Google configuration page displays the message “Google admin authentication token was created for your instance and will be used for Google authentication”.

Select Your Google Domain in “Step 1”. If you have several domains, go to Configuration->Organization Profile page and put the domains separated by comma in Email Suffixes field.

Create Organization Unit Filter in “Step 2”. If only 1 Organization Unit exists in Your Domain this step will be hidden.

Click “Diagnostics Retrieve Users” hyperlink in “Step 3” to retrieve top 25 Users from Google as example of replication data.

To manually import the Users from Your Domain Filtered by Organization Unit click “Import Users” hyperlink in “Step 4”.

Now Users are imported and able to log in to SherpaDesk web application using Single Sign-On.

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