2021.07.29 Production Release

Related Tickets

  • Included bulk option from the ticket worklist to relate tickets
  • Included a related icon to show on the worklist to indicate that a ticket has included related tickets.
  • Included the option to bulk update related tickets
  • Included the option to bulk reply to related tickets
  • Updated the related ticket layout to include more columns and fields
  • Show banner notification that bulk related ticket operation is successful


  • Created the ability to assign a default contract for account type


  • Added the ability to expand/collapse ToDo lists
  • Added the ability to reorder templates


  • Added double click on the calendar date to launch new event creation


  • Updated time-based notification rules parameters enabling rules to be created for assigned and alternate techs on a ticket

QuickBooks Desktop

  • Added the option to include 'Customer Name in Invoice Address' in ADDR1 field

Bug Fixes and Optimization

  • Fixed bug where Waiting on Response notifications were being sent outside of normal business hours
  • Updated asset import sheet to accept NULL values on import
  • Updated bug where the labor cost wasn't calculating correctly on the ticket details
  • Updated the email parser in cases related to not creating tickets properly