2020.12.18 Production Release


  • Added 3 security questions to a user's profile for password retrieval
  • Removed the option to 'Allow user to login via email link without a password'


  • Added time stamp on the ticket worklist to show the exact time and elapsed time on date fields
  • Added date select for time logs when closing out a ticket


  • Remove log entries on invoices from time logs


  • Added Accumulate hours and Current Period to the Contract Detail Report


  • Created alerts for Fix Fee + Hourly contracts and PrePaid packs nearing or exceeding their included hour limits
  • Created the option to support multiple global contracts
  • Added the option to bulk remove task types from a contract

Bug Fixes and Optimization

  • Fixed a bug where resources were not be allocated to index a query
  • Fixed bug where the ampersand was not resolving correctly in the subject line from email parser
  • Improved the filter for the Account's widget on the technician home page
  • Fixed the time out issue on the ticket closure page
  • Fixed an issue where ToDo lists were not showing up for Standard Users