Email Diagnostics Report

SherpaDesk allows you to see all the email traffic that is sent to SherpaDesk as well as all the email notifications that are sent outbound from SherpaDesk using the diagnostic report.  The diagnostic tool is a great way to determine if your system is receiving or sending out notifications to your users.

Search Results


Technicians are able to search on individual notices by entering in the ticket's number, a specific user's email address or even a keyword. 

Technicians are also able to filter the messages to try and locate the exact type of message they are interested in reviewing.

Emails Coming IN and OUT


Each email record is recorded as either IN or OUT.  IN records are emails that we receive from someone sending emails inbound to us.  This is typically seen in users creating a new ticket or someone replying to an existing ticket.

OUT records are notifications that are sent from SherpaDesk.  These will typically be response replies on a ticket or notifications triggered by rules that are event-based or time-based.

Each email record is recorded with a time and date stamp as well as a ticket ID reference.

View Log Records


Technicians are able to click on each email log to get further detail information on the message.  Within the detail description, it will show the exact receiver, where the message originated and a link to the actual email file.

Whitelist our Domain

Often times SherpaDesk traffic gets trapped in corporate email servers.  We suggest that you go ahead and whitelist SherpaDesk email traffic at * and