2021.01.24 Production Release


  • Fixed a loophole bug that allowed Admins to delete tickets with attached invoices, time logs, or expenses
  • Fixed bug where the web invoice totals did not match the PDF totals
  • Updated Rates to support values up to $99,999,99
  • Updated Invoices to create $0 balances on the main Invoice page


  • Fixed bug where Global Contracts were automatically getting appended to the internal account


  • Fixed hour totals when weeks split across multiple months


  • Fixed reporting error that showcased duplicate data entries in Time Log Detail Report
  • Fixed formatting issue in Contract Detail Report


Fixed bug when time-based notification was not being sent for response times

Email Parser

  • Added the file extension .CSR as an approved file attachment
  • Removed 'from' tag from incoming emails
  • Fixed grammar issue on parser error
  • Fixed parser issue when it would not read Account name for assignment

O365 Integration

  • Fixed issue when Admins tried to change the Tenant ID

Bug Fixes and Optimization

  • Fixed color of text issue on Calendar Events to make the labels more readable
  • Fixed bug where users were being redirected to their Intuit login screen on Log Out
  • Fixed bug when trying to delete a room under a location
  • Fixed an error when trying to access the Login list
  • Fixed a bug where incorrect contracts were available on Create Expense and Create Travel pages
  • Optimized querying of Project, Location, and Class routing dropdowns
  • Fixed bug where Accounts were being duplicated in KB section
  • Fixed QBD export issue
  • Fixed QBD issue when exporting information with 0% tax rate
  • Fixed LDAP issue where inactivation was not assigned to the Default Tech during replication
  • Fixed LDAP bug when trying to access members during replication
  • Fixed bug related to the tax rate for expenses in creating an invoice
  • Fixed time out bug on the Invoice page