2021.07.01 Production Release


  • Created the option to make Expense items Non-Taxable and Non-Billable
  • Updated parser commands to support units and sub-class expense items ex. cmd expense 3 'Hardware > Drive'
  • Updated Expense tree to support 3 levels

Time Logs

  • Increased the character limit for Internal Notes


  • Added new search control for CheckOut in the Advanced Search of assets
  • Updated asset import template to support CheckOutID
  • Updated the order of invoice line items making the billing method listed first then any additional logged events.


  • Added the option to use the Contract name vs Billing Method for the Invoice line items
  • Added link to customer/account name in the invoice list
  • Updated to the ability to Invoice a ticket without including the recurring charges.


  • Added the ability to include a default Task Type for a Contract
  • Added Start and End Dates to Contracts

Bug Fixes and Optimization

  • Added a parser command to end the ist to remove email signatures from responses
  • Added .psd and .ai as accepted file formats
  • Fixed events not showing the correct time and date formatting
  • Improved search performance for email and NinjaRMM alerts