2024.04.20 Production Release


  • Added a filter for Email Status


  • Added the option to set the Default Publish Level


  • Added the ability to bulk update tax status with Account Imports


  • Added the ability to create a notification reminder when a ToDo is due.


  • We have added the support for Text Only format to a user's profile preferences

O365 / Azure Replication

  • Added Location field to the Azure Directory user's profile page

Custom Reports

  • Added LaborExpirationDate and PartsExpirationDate to the DataSource = Assets

Time Tracking

  • Added multi-account selection for Accounts and included Contracts as a filter option on the Time page
  • Added the option to Require Time Entry notes on all Time Logs


  • Added multi-account selection for Accounts and included Contracts as a filter option on the Expense page


  • Added the ability to Export / Import Services. This includes downloading service lists from QuickBooks, Xero, and FreshBooks

Custom Fields

  • Added the option to create sub-custom fields to ask additional questions.


  • Updated Global Contracts allowing Admins to centrally manage all contracts across their accounts
  • Added a lazy load option on scroll to load additional contracts

Bug Fixes & Optimization

  • Fixed a reporting issue where service rates were not showing up for the Billable Rate Diagnostic Report
  • Updated Files that are marked as Tech Only to be visible for only Techs on the ticket
  • Updated the redirect link to the mobile app when viewing tickets on the mobile web
  • Updated error notification on the Ready to Invoice page to better inform users to add items to the contract
  • Removed deprecated Custom Reports link
  • Fixed issue when duplicating log entry posts were being created on response
  • Fixed an issue where DST was not properly updating Scheduled Tickets
  • Fixed intermittent bug on trying to access remote computers
  • Fixed syntax issue when sorting column headers in the Login table
  • Fixed issue with the email parser that was breaking some hyperlinks for alerts
  • Updated the Time Log Detail Report and the Tme Log Export to support XLSX format