2022.04.45 Production Release

Mobile App

  • Added and updated push notifications design
  • Added Google and Apple SSO
  • Fixed issue where the app was not loading more than 25 technicians
  • Fixed Filters not showing Active Tech
  • Fix non-billable hours showing -1
  • Fixed time logs not defaulting to filter to current tech

O365 Integration

  • Added mapping information on user profile
  • Setup auto email forwards using O365 APIs

Bug Fixes & Optimization

  • Fixed bug on Custom Reports not being migrated properly
  • Fixed the issue where the default settings for Tax were not being applied to a task
  • Support for HEIF Image format is now supported
  • Fixed bug where insert image and file did not work in redactor
  • Fixed bug where email parser dop box was not accepting email
  • Fixed bug where custom reports were not emailing out scheduled reports
  • Fixed bug where the ISL logging was not using the correct time zone
  • Fixed bug where an asset was not using the correct image when a PDF is added to Files
  • Fixed bug on exporting assets
  • Updated context box for Logins to Approve Email
  • Fixed NinjaOne bug when trying to change categories on devices
  • Fixed bug on O365 replication for authentication