2020.04.30 Production Release

QuickBooks Online

  • Added the option to include a Customer Message field to QBO invoices

Xero Accounting

  • Implemented WebHook for creating new contact and invoice update


  • Added new calls in creating Classes, Accounts and Ticket Update Time


  • Implemented the option to hide technician names who logged time on invoices
  • Added the option to include a discount line on all hours logged as non-billable
  • Added the ability to include a negative expense (discount) for recurring contracts
  • Added the option to customize billing method names
  • Created a new billing method 'Expense Only'


  • Set additional restrictions (i.e restrict HTML tags) on portal comments to reduce spam posts

Bug Fixes and Optimization

  • Fixed bug when replying with email parser command prompt 'Tech Only' for closed tickets
  • Fixed bug when requesting time logs in accounts
  • Fixed bug on creating new rate plans
  • Fixed bug in Google Replication using groups