How to Design Your SherpaDesk Portal

All your portal settings are located on Config > Support Portal & KB. Here is where you can change the header and footer to whatever you like using HTML and CSS.

To change the look and feel, simply add HTML on the skin sections and give CSS instructions (or make them match your website’s).

Feature 1.png

Feature 2.png

When the HTML and CSS skin sections are empty, the app uses a simple default template. Here’s a preview of a default portal:


However, once you enter your own customization then you can make the portal match the layout of your own website. Here is an example of one of our customers who designed their headers and footers.

Customer Portal.png

Let's add your custom header and footer to your theme.

Header: add your logo, change theme color,
change the title


In the green text selection is where you can add your own link for your logo. In the blue text selection is where you can add your title.

And add CSS code in the CSS section:


Where yellow text selection is the background color of the header. If you want to use a linear gradient, please use the construction:


Here the result:


Footer: To change the background color add the color code to CSS:


Login button: add some JavaScript magic


GREAT!!! Now your portal has a new design.

If you still have questions, please feel free to reach out to us at