2022.03.17 Production Release

My Profile

  • Ability to manage your locations from your profile screen


  • Added mobile phone column for user list in Accounts.


  • Fixed Required Priority option. The feature was not working with option was NULL


  • Ability to edit ToDo on technician dashboard

Mobile App

  • Implemented a new push notification service

Products and Services

  • NEW: Updated the system's terminology and renamed Expenses = Products and Task Types = Services

Asset Management

  • Added an Alert count on the asset record in ticket details
  • Added Asset Name and Checked Out values to the asset record in ticket details
  • Moved the submenu items to be persistent on the top in Asset Manager
  • Added addition status 'Daily Loaner' and 'Loaner'
  • Updated the asset search not include the asset's internal ID


  • Expanded the asset record on a ticket to include a direct link to the Ninja device profile


  • Added the option to hide the 'View Invoice Online' link from the invoices
  • Added the ability to sort invoice time logs
  • Added a Taxable line for Accounts


  • Added time entries sync for employees' time logs


  • Apply stored BCC settings to sync invoices
  • Added the option to include the invoice summary information in the Customer Message field
  • Fixed issue with tax rates after invoices are synced


  • Added filter to payments for Invoiced and Invoiced and Paid
  • Added column to show Invoice
  • Added column to show being paid

Custom Reports

  • Created new materialized views to help improve database performances
  • Created a deprecated link that will expire the existing reports that are built on the older index model
  • Renamed Expense and Task Types to Products and Services

Bug Fixes & Optimization

  • Moved shared calendar to background maintenance task
  • Fixed all JQuery plugins and updated Fancybox in all places in the app
  • Fixed issue when duplicate ticket numbers were created
  • Fixed broken link issues coming in from NinjaOne