Email Notification Error: Bounced Email Resolution

In order for SherpaDesk to maintain a quality reputation with email servers and to stay in compliance we CAN-SPAM regulations, we need to constantly monitor the validity of all emails we are sending out.

SherpaDesk's Notification service will attempt to deliver emails to all valid email addresses. In the event that the Notification Service receives an initial bounce status, we will continue to attempt to deliver to this address for the next 3 days. If after 3 days and no successful attempt is completed then we will need to mark this email as a Bad Email

A Bounced Email flag will be set on this account and SherpaDesk will no longer attempt to deliver to this address.


Once an email is flagged as a Bounced Email a System Administrator will be able to manually reset this status. This is done by going to Configuration > Logins and 'Reset Email Status'


Once the email has been reset SherpaDesk will then attempt to deliver emails to this address.

However, we will flag this email again if we are unable to deliver email notifications.