2020.03.19 Production Release

FreshBooks Integration

  • Fixed bug where the save button was not visible in some
  • Implemented webhooks for both Classic and New version
  • Fixed error for updating invoice email sent status

Xero Accounting Integration

  • Implemented use Xero Invoice numbers settings


  • Implemented 'no-reply' email for invoices sent via email

QuickBooks Online Integration

  • Implemented the option to remove SherpaDesk Invoice numbers from the web statements


  • Added the embed KB icon for all replies
  • Added filter by clients

Asset Management

  • Improved the UI/UX in assign assets
  • Added carriage returns to support bar code scanning during asset assignments


  • Added an alerts feature. Now users use the email parser to convert notifications into alerts before escalating to a ticket

API Calls

  • Added calls to for ticket dates (created, update, closed)
  • Added calls to create POSTS for with date
  • Added calls to create categories

Bug Fixes and Optimization

  • Fixed bug when trying to create a ticket and the application kept spinning