2019.11.28 Production Release

Custom Domains

  • Added additional help links when setting up custom domains


  • Assign alerts directly to accounts
  • Assign alerts directly to assets
  • Added a custom notes field to alerts
  • Changed the alert layout enable to better read the alert notifications. Added additional information columns to the alert
  • Added additional filters to better search and sort alerts
  • Added a bulk function to either create a ticket or delete multiple alerts at once
  • Better syncing NinjaRMM customers with SherpaDesk customers
  • Better syncing NinjaRMM devices with SherpaDesk assets
  • Added Alerts to the Accounts profile page
  • Added Alerts to the Asset profile page


  • Moved additional email aliases to be included in a hover from the main login screen to improve the UI


  • Added Multi-Tech select for all standard reports

Account Management

  • Improved the option to add email suffixes to new accounts by including the @ symbol


  • Added the internal address to the View Invoice page both in the web view and PDF format.

Two Factor Authentication

  • Implemented the first version of 2FA (two-factor authentication). Users are now able to OPT-IN their profiles to support two forms of verifications. Currently supporting authenticator app and SMS for the second form of verification

Time Tracking

  • Improved scrolling to show more time logs when the count exceeds 100 records
  • Set the default contract assigned to an account during new ticket creation

QuickBooks Online

  • Fixed a bug on overage calculations
  • Removed the additional line on an invoice when there is $0

Custom Reports

  • Fixed the bug where the rates where not showing up for a specific task type
  • Fied the bug on reports printed in PDF that were showing text markup characters

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed bug on the create new ticket screen where the system was giving an error for locations
  • Fixed bug on the new account setup page where it was requiring a new mailbox to be set up
  • Fixed bug that was reporting timeout expiration notices
  • Fixed bugs on when blank invoices where being created
  • Fixed bug on contracts when trying to switch the task type from its default