2020.01.30 Production Release

File Upload and Storage

  • Updated the Email Parser to only support whitelisted files
  • Improved Email Parsing function
  • Added a notification response to the user when an unsupported file type was submitted


  • Enlarged the ticket filter for Location to make it easier to read location list


  • Fixed bug where some invoices were not able to be selected for invoicing
  • Fixed hourly rates being blank in time logs

Email Summary Update

  • Improved the time calculations for logged hours in the weekly summary update


  • Fixed errors when creating a ToDo template
  • Fixed the issue when a technician is unable to delete a ToDo list from their home page


  • Added Unique IDs to the Login list
  • Added Unique IDs on the login exports

Bug Fixes and Optimization

  • Improved the fail page to allow the user to refresh the page after failure