2020.07.16 Production Release

Expense and Travel Logs

  • Implement next Bulk Actions for Expenses and Travel Logs:

    - Sync to FreshBooks

    - Delete From FreshBooks
    - Unlink From FreshBooks & Keep
    - Sync to QuickBooks Online
    - Delete From QuickBooks Online
    - Unlink From QuickBooks Online& Keep


  • Fixed the email links to support vanity URLs (partial or full if configured)


  • Fixed error when attempting to view an invoice online while not logged in (as a customer would).

FreshBooks Integration

  • Implemented the option ‘FreshBooks Default Project’ for each account. This way if you’re not using projects in SherpaDesk you’ll still be able to sync your time logs.
  • Fixed the issue where we are filtering Projects by Staff ID. Staff IDs for staff members who are assigned to a project only appear for admins and project managers.
  • Added the ability to sync Account, Projects, Time Logs for Internal Client in FreshBooks Integration

QuickBooks Online Integration

  • Updated the "Download All QuickBooks Customers" button to be visible ONLY for Administrators. This button is hidden for Technicians.


  • Included recurring billing for the billing method Hourly
  • Fixed bug when entering a comma in the Included Hours field


  • Remove timestamp from calendar view

Time Logs

  • Implemented bulk time log sync with QBO

Contract Detail Report

  • Fixed bug when Billing Method = 'Time Tracking Only No Invoice' these time logs were not being shown in the report

Ticket Detail

  • Fixed the error when the user selects the % Complete and Logged Hours they were not showing up correctly in the email to the Standard User

Xero Accounting Integration

  • Migrated to OAuth 2.0

Bug Fixes and Optimization

  • Upgraded and optimized several controls to Telerik 2020
  • Improve Rollbar integration by adding links to errors into a support ticket
  • Fixed the export issue when you will get the correct value in "Department" field.
  • Fixed Account and Locations import bug not supporting address updates